July 29, 2017
Looking for the cooperation
DKP Pharmaceutical Factory
Koroliova 4 Street
Zhitomir, Stanyshivka, Ukraine 12430

Dear Guest,

DKP Pharmaceutical Factory is looking to cooperate with new partners in order to expand our product range on favouriable terms for both sides.

DKP Pharmaceutical Factory LLC is a company that specialises in manufacturing liquid medications based on multiple years of experience. Since 1938 the company has been producing drugs from various chemical substances and herbal extracts in both solid and liquid forms.

The Pharmaceutical Factory is based in Ukraine. Currently the company cooperates with foreign markets such as the ones of Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan and many others. In the past few years there have been changes in the reconstruction process to follow the cGMP certification.

At the moment we are planning on introducing new drugs to the global market and are looking for new partners worldwide to collaborate with in production of new drugs and further promotion of the products in both new and existing markets.

If you are interested in cooperation please do not hesitate to contact us.



Mr Vyshnevskyy