Ammonia TM Vishpha


Ammonium Caustici | R07A X | Solution for external use of 40 ml in vials.

Unconscious state, with insect bites.

Brilliant green TM Vishpha

Brilliant green

Viride Nitens | D08 08 | Solution for external use, alcohol 1% 10 ml, 20 ml in vials.

Antiseptic for external and local use. It has an antimicrobial effect, does not show an irritating effect. The drug is active against gram-positive bacteria.

Camphor alcohol TM Vishpha

Camphor alcohol

Spiritus Camphoratus | 02 10 |

Solution for external use 10% to 40 ml in a vial or 40 ml in a vial in a pack.

External - in inflammatory processes (arthritis, myositis, arthralgia, myalgia, sciatica), to prevent pressure sores.

Formic acid TM Vishpha

Formic acid

Formic acid | 02 10 | Solution for external use 50 ml in a bottle

It's used as a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory agent. Alcohol has a local irritating, purifying effect, improves blood flow in tissues, dilates blood vessels, reduces pain and inflammation.

Iodine TM Vishpha


dum | D08A G03 |

Solution for external use, alcoholic 10 ml, 20 ml in vials.

Apply externally as an antiseptic, irritant for inflammatory and other diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, to treat the operating field, to prevent infection of small lesions of the integrity of the skin, to reduce the inflammatory processes in myositis, neuralgia (shows a delaying effect).

Lugol solution TM Vishpha

Lugol solution

Solutio Lugoli | R02AA20 | A solution of 25 g in vials-droppers.

Lugol solution with glycerin has a bactericidal effect due to the free iodine contained in it. The drug has an antimicrobial effect on Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, including streptococci, staphylococci, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, vulgar proteus.

Menovasin TM Vishpha


Menovasinum | D04 X |

Solution for external use (40 ml) in a vial.

As an antipruritic mean - with itching dermatoses, as a local anesthetic - with neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia.

Salicylic acid TM Vishpha

Salicylic acid

Acidum salicylicum | D01AE12 |

Solution for external use, alcohol 1% to 40 ml in vials.

Infectious skin lesions, arthritis, myositis, arthralgia, rheumatism, psoriasis, oily seborrhea, pruritus, intertrigo, calluses and corneal skin, common acne, pyoderma, increased sweating.

Septil TM Vishpha


Septic | D08 08 |

Solution for external use, alcohol 70% to 100 ml in a vial.

Septil is used mainly as an external local irritating and antiseptic medicinal for the treatment of furuncles, panaritises, infiltrates, mastitis in the early stages. Applied as an antiseptic for surgical treatment of the hands of surgeons. Applied as a defoamer for alveolar edema of the lungs. As an irritant used for rubbing and compresses.

Septil Plus TM Vishpha

Septil Plus

Septic plus | D08 08 | A solution of 100 ml in a vial.

Septyl is used as an external antiseptic for hand disinfection; As a topical irritant for rubbing and compressing; as an antifoaming agent for alveolar edema of the lungs of any etiology. The drug is an antidote of methyl alcohol.

drgn Peroxide TM Vishpha

drgn Peroxide

drgn Peroxide | D08 01 |

Solution for external use of 40 ml in vials.

The drug is used to stop capillary bleeding with superficial tissue damage, nasal bleeding, to treat the mucous membrane with stomatitis, paradontitis, tonsillitis, gynecological diseases, as well as purulent wounds and burns.