TM Vishpha® - pharmaceutical products made from organic raw materials.

TM Vishpha® - chooses only high quality raw materials.

History of the TM Vishpha® produce begins in 2006 when our researchers created first unique compositions and created appropriate methods of production.

The knowledge of herbalism, that has been gathered by our workers over the life-long experiences of previous generations of over 80 years, was a definite advantage in invention of Vishpha® products. With help of this knowledge we managed to create products such as Uroholum©, Gederin, Polifitol-1, Memorin, Picosen© and others.

Drops 4

Belisa TM Vishpha


Belisa | N05 | Oral drops (25 ml or 40 ml) in a vial with a dispenser in a pack.

It is used in neurological disorders (neurasthenia, headache, sleep disorders, weakness and arterial hypertension (both mild and moderate forms)).

Memorin TM Vishpha


Memorin | N06D X02 |

Solution for oral use (40ml). One vial in a pack.

Age-related dysfunctions in blood circulation and brain functions (early stages of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), vascular dementia and a combination of both), that show these symptoms at early stages: worsening of memory and brain activity, increased need for isolation and anxiety, dizziness, tinnitus, headache and sleep disturbances.

Pikosen TM Vishpha


Pikosen | ATC A06A | Oral drops (25ml). One vial per pack.

During constipation and cases requiring defecation relief.

Uroholum TM Vishpha


Uroholum | G04B D2 | Oral drops (25ml or 40 ml). One vial per pack.

Sharp and chronic disorders (non-specific infections) of urinary tracts (cystitis, urethritis) and kidneys (pyelonephritis), chronic non inflectional disorders of kidneys (nephritis, nephrosis); urolithic, nephrolithiasis and salt diathesis (prevention of calculus formation, including post removal); chronic cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia.

Ointments 8

Aciclovir-Vishpha TM Vishpha


Aciclovir | D06B B03 | Ointment (10 grams). One aluminum tube per pack.

Viral infection of ordinal herpes (lips and genitals) including shingles, chickenpox, herpetic lesions in patients with immunodeficiency.

Vipratox TM Vishpha


Vipratox | : M02A X10 | Liniment for external use (40ml tube). One tube per pack.

Rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, radicular pain, myalgia, arthralgia and other diseases with concomitant pain symptom.

Heparin ointment TM Vishpha

Heparin ointment

Unguentum Heparini | 05 53 | Ointment for external use (25ml tube). One tube per pack.

Thrombophlebitis of superficial veins of limbs, phlebitis, thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins and after numerous intravenous(IV) injections.

Comfrey ointment TM Vishpha

Comfrey ointment


Ointment (40ml) in an aluminium tube and (50ml) in a tin. One item per pack.

Rheumatic pain, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, radiculitis, myalgia, arthralgia, osteochondrosis; arthritis, domestic injuries-strikes, sprains, bone fractures.

Menovasan TM Vishpha


Menovasan | D04A X |

Ointment for external use only (40ml). One tube per pack.

Dermatoses accompanied by itching; neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia.

Rostiran TM Vishpha


Rostiran | 02 10 | Ointment (25ml). One tube per pack.

Use for therapy of acute respiratory diseases accompanied by rhinitis, nasal congestion, coughing, headache.

Sinaflana ointment  TM Vishpha

Sinaflana ointment

Unguentum Synaflani | D07A C04 | Oinment (10ml). One per pack.

Allergic and inflammatory skin related diseases of non-microbial origins accompanied by severe itching, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis, polymorphic erythema, systemic lupus erythematosus, lichen planus, psoriasis, prurigo, urticaria, insect bites.

Chondroitin-ointment TM Vishpha


Unguentum Chondritini | M 09 A X10 |

Ointment (25ml) in an aluminium tube. One tube per pack.

Degenerative diseases of joints and spine: osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis.

Tinctures 6

Hawthorn - Vishpha TM Vishpha

Hawthorn - Vishpha

Hawthorn - Vishpha | 02 X | Tincture by 50 or 100 ml in bottles.

Functional disorders of the cardiovascular system (neurocirculatory dystonia); as an auxiliary drug for mild forms of cardiac arrhythmias (fatigue arrhythmia, paroxysmal tachycardia).

Ginseng Tincture TM Vishpha

Ginseng Tincture

Tinctur Ginseng | 13 | Tincture (50ml) in a vial. One vial per pack.

Hypotension, fatigue, exhaustion, neurasthenia, as well as asthenic conditions, during recovery from infectious and other diseases that cause depletion of the body and with the decrease in sexual functions of neurasthenic genesis (as part of complex therapy).

Flicker Tincture TM Vishpha

Flicker Tincture

Symphyti Tinctura | 02 X | Tincture (50ml). One vial per pack.

Neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, radicular pain, arthralgia, osteochondrosis, arthritis. Athletic and daily injuries (strokes, sprains of ligaments, bones fractures) and wounds that do not heal for a long time.

Poliphytol-1 TM Vishpha


Polyphytol-1 | 05 | Tincture(100ml). One vial per pack.

During complex therapy of chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis, biliary dyskinesia, chronic gastritis with reduced stomach secretion.

Leonuri Tincture TM Vishpha

Leonuri Tincture

Tinctura Leonuri | N05C M15 |

Tincture for oral administration (25 ml). One vial per pack.

Function related disruptions in cardiovascular system (neurocirculatory dystonia), at the early stages of arterial hypertension, as well as with increased emotional excitability, irritability, and mild forms of sleep disorders.

Sage Tincture TM Vishpha

Sage Tincture

Salviae tinctura | D03A X09 | Tincture (40ml). One vial per pack.

Inflammation of mucous membranes of the oral cavity and gums (stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis), pharynx, tonsils (pharyngitis, tonsillitis); also inflammation of upper respiratory tracts and infected wounds, cuts and skin burns.

Solutions 1

Lugs TM Vishpha


Lugs | R02 20 |

Solution for external use (1%; 20ml). One vial with mechanical spray. One vial per pack.

Throat spray. Inflammatory diseases of mucous membranes of the pharynx (acute and chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, glossitis), aphthous stomatitis.

Emulsions 11

Ambroxol-Vishpha TM Vishpha


Ambroxol-Vishpha | R05C B06 | Syrup (100ml) in a bottlel with a dosing cup inside. One per pack

Diseases of respiratory tracts that are accompanied by increased secretion of sputum and dry cough; Tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchiectatic disease, pneumonia, bronchial asthma. Diseases of the ENT(ear, nose, throat) organs, which are accompanied by the formation of thick mucus: laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, rhinitis.

Bi-tol TM Vishpha


Bi-tol | J01E E01 | Oral suspension (100ml) in a vial or bottle with a measuring cup in a cardboard packaging. One bottle per pack.

Treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to this medication: respiratory tract infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, pneumocystis pneumonia); inflammation of the lateral sinuses of the nose, middle ear; urinary tract and kidney infections (pyelonephritis, pyelitis, cystitis, urethritis); bacterial infections of the genitals; gastrointestinal tract infections caused by Salmonella, Shigella, E-coli; Purulent dermatitis.

Hederin ivy TM Vishpha

Hederin ivy

Hedera helix | R05C A16 | Syrup (90ml) in a vial or a bottle with a dosing cup. One per pack.

Inflammatory infections of respiratory system accompanied by cough and formation of thick viscous sputum (bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchiectatic disease, bronchospasm).

Loratadin TM Vishpha


Loratadin | R06A X13 |

Syrup (90ml) in a vial or a bottle with a dosing cup.

Seasonal (pollinosis) and year-round allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis - elimination of symptoms associated with sneezing, itching of the nasal mucosa, rhinorrhea, burning sensation and itching in the eyes, lacrimation. Chronic idiopathic urticaria; skin problems of allergic origin.

Malipin TM Vishpha


Malipin | R05X |

Syrup (125 g) in a vial No. 1 with a dispersing device.

Auxiliary in URTI(upper respiratory tract infections), sore throat and cough accompanied by fever.

Neoprinosin TM Vishpha


Neoprinosin | J05A 05 |

Syrup (100 ml or 150 ml) in a vial number 1, packed with with a dispersing

Viral respiratory infections; viral infections caused by simple herpes virus type 1 and 2, chickenpox, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, measles virus, mumps virus, including in immunodeficient patients; Papillomavirus infections of the skin and mucous membranes: genital warts, papillomavirus infection of the vulva, vagina and cervix (as part of complex therapy); acute viral encephalitis (as part of complex therapy); Viral hepatitis (as part of complex therapy); Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis.

Nimesulide-Vishpha TM Vishpha


Nimesulid | 01 17 |

Oral suspension (55 ml) in a vial or a bottle with a measuring cup in a cardboard packaging.

Treatment of acute pain. Symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis with pain syndrome, primary dysminorrhea.

Nifuroxasid-vishpha TM Vishpha


Nifuroxasid-vishpha | 07 03 |

In a vial or jar (90 ml) with a dispensing cup or measuring spoon in a pack.

Acute diarrhea caused by infections; chronic colitis and enterocolitis caused by infections; complex treatment of intestinal dysbiosis syndrome; prophylaxis of infectious complications in the gastrointestinal tract during surgical interventions.

Paracetamol TM Vishpha


Paracetamol | N02B E01 | In a bottle (60 ml or 90 ml) with a dosing cup.

Paracetamol is an analgetic-antipyretic.

Pirantel-vishpha TM Vishpha


Pirantel-vishpha | 02 01 |

Suspension (15 ml) in a bottle with a measuring spoon in a pack.

Enterobiosis, ascariasis, ankylostomiasis, non-carotidosis. Antiparasitic agent.

Pharmox TM Vishpha


Pharmox | 02 03 |

White or cloudy suspension, with a characteristic aromatic odor and a sweet taste.

Enterobiasis, ankylostomiasis, noncatarasis, ascariasis, trichinosis, strongyloidiasis, hymenolipiasis, taeniasis, opisthorchiasis, toxocariasis, capillarosis, gnathostomiasis.