"Favorite of success 2017"


On May 29, 2018, the awarding ceremony of the winners of the Favorites of Success - 2017 rating was held.

The real pride and the most anticipated moment was the announcement of the brands of the winners 1 of the Pharmaceutical Factory Vishpha:

  • Consumers' Favorite in the "Constipation Drug" category - Picosen;
  • Favorite of Consumers in the category of "Drug from cough" - Hederin Ivy;
  • Favorite of Consumers in the category of "Drug for treating throat diseases" - Lugs;
  • The consumer's favorite in the category "Drug for the treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases" - Uroholum.

Particular attention deserves the fact that all without exception, the products of Vishpha company, which received the "Favorites of Success-2017" award, became winners in their category by choice of consumers. Such success demonstrates the true commitment of patients to the company's medicines and can be regarded as an indicator of high-quality and efficient products from the manufacturer - Vishpha.

In addition to the resounding success among consumers, Vishpha boasts another joyous event. The Vishpha External Service, without which it's hard today to imagine the work of not only the pharmaceutical company, but also any successful company, marks the 10th anniversary of its creation in 2018. The work of the external service, which is the "face" of the company for professionals and consumers, makes a significant contribution to the recognition of the company and its products, as well as the development of commitment and loyalty to them.

Thanks for the trust of our consumers, Your rating is the best recommendation for us!