Vishpha® since 1938

Vishpha® - is a long experience and knowledge in synergy with the conclusions of modern science and innovativeness. We create high quality medicines to maintain health of our society in general and each person in particular. We are guided by this policy in every step we take, in every decision we make and in our growth. And this defines who we are.

We strive to educate people on how to practice safe and effective treatment. We believe that our work improves people’s health, happiness and harmony. This mission and their values drive us forward.


Vishpha® is a Ukrainian company with deep roots that started business in 1938. Throughout the decades, the company has been steadily developing to meet the growing demand for our products.

We manufacture medicines based on both natural herbal and animal materials and synthetic formulas predicated on extensive research to form effective compounds. This allows us to make no doubt that each drug ensures the best result.


Our drugs are design to produce effects on the basic systems of an organism, including respiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous, integumentary, excretory, etc.

Roofing system

Respiratory system

Musculoskeletal system

Other systems

Excretory system

Nervous System

Medicines for all

While some of the drugs better meet urgent needs, others help improve health in the long run by restoring system balance. Our medicines meet the needs of different people, lifestyles and goals.


Medicines of high quality begin with raw materials of high quality. We carefully study every stage of our production process.

Quality above all

We are unwavering when it comes to meeting our quality and ethics requirements. We conduct a rigorous evaluation. Along with our own strict guidelines, we naturally follow the rules of good manufacturing practice and control regulations, maintaining high degree of quality control.

We create high-quality modern drugs, taking care of every person we touch.


Our production process is confirmed by compliance with GMP requirements, the purpose of which is to improve and ensure the quality of medicines in accordance with international standards.

For us, quality is a way of life!See certificates