Exik TM Vishpha


Exik | D01A E22 | Transparent solution from colorless to light yellow with a 20 ml ethanol smell in a bottle; 1 bottle in a pack.

Local treatment of fungal infections caused by pathogen-sensitive naphthyfins.

Lugs TM Vishpha


Lugs | R02 20 | Solution for external use (1%; 20ml). One vial with mechanical spray. One vial per pack.

Throat spray. Inflammatory diseases of mucous membranes of the pharynx (acute and chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, glossitis), aphthous stomatitis.

Menovazan Fleckspray TM Vishpha

Menovazan Fleckspray

Menovazan Fleckspray | 02 | Solution for external use, alcohol.

The drug is prescribed for neuralgias, myalgias, arthralgias.