Comfrey Tincture TM Vishpha

Comfrey Tincture

Symphyti Tinctura | 02 X | Tincture (50ml). One vial per pack.

Neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, radicular pain, arthralgia, osteochondrosis, arthritis. Athletic and daily injuries (strokes, sprains of ligaments, bones fractures) and wounds that do not heal for a long time.

Ginseng Tincture TM Vishpha

Ginseng Tincture

Tinctur Ginseng | 13 | Tincture (50ml) in a vial. One vial per pack.

Hypotension, fatigue, exhaustion, neurasthenia, as well as asthenic conditions, during recovery from infectious and other diseases that cause depletion of the body and with the decrease in sexual functions of neurasthenic genesis (as part of complex therapy).

Leonuri Tincture TM Vishpha

Leonuri Tincture

Tinctura Leonuri | N05C M15 | Tincture for oral administration (25 ml). One vial per pack.

Function related disruptions in cardiovascular system (neurocirculatory dystonia), at the early stages of arterial hypertension, as well as with increased emotional excitability, irritability, and mild forms of sleep disorders.

Poliphytol-1 TM Vishpha


Polyphytol-1 | 05 | Transparent liquid of reddish-brown color with a fragrant smell of 100 ml in a jar in a pack.

During complex therapy of chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis, biliary dyskinesia, chronic gastritis with reduced stomach secretion.

Sage Tincture TM Vishpha

Sage Tincture

Salviae tinctura | D03A X09 | Tincture (40ml). One vial per pack.

Inflammation of mucous membranes of the oral cavity and gums (stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis), pharynx, tonsils (pharyngitis, tonsillitis); also inflammation of upper respiratory tracts and infected wounds, cuts and skin burns.