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Belisa is herbal drops designed specifically for women

Release form:



25 ml, 40 ml

Age limits:

Adults and children over 12 years old

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Belisa is peace for female beauty
01.About the drug


BELISA is a unique herbal nervine drug in the form of drops, designed specifically for modern women.

Emotional arousal, mental stress and emotional overload are companions of modern life that seriously affect health. Can this be avoided?

Belisa will help to cope with these states.

Passion flower included in Belisa relieves emotional arousal and excessive anxiety; lemon balm helps overcome irritability and excessive emotionality. At the same time, the calming effect produced by the extracts is not associated with performance decrement. Thus, there is no need to worry that you will have lack of energy and apathy at your job.

Quite the contrary, the active ingredients of the herbs, as well as extracts of linden flowers and sage leaves eliminate sweating caused by stress, normalize blood pressure and alleviate a headache, helping to focus on work. In combination with origanum, the healing extracts stabilize biorhythm, which means that you will be active during the day and be able to relax and sleep with your mind clear of anxieties at night.

Another important benefit of Belisa for women is standardized extracts of linden and origanum (in Ukrainian language it has a feminine name ‘materinka’) in the composition of the drops. According to some literature sources, they are phytoestrogens contributing to normalization of hormonal balance and being one of the best sedatives for each women!

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The drug is taken:

  • Diseases of the nervous system: neurasthenia, headache, sleep disorders, asthenic syndrome.
  • Arterial hypertension (mild to moderate form)

Approved for use in patients older than 12 years


Active substances

  • 1 ml of the drug contains an aqueous-alcoholic extract (1:3) (extractive agent – 40% ethanol) composed of
  • 100 mg of passion flower herb (Passiflorae herba)
  • 3 mg of sage leaves (Salviae officinalis folia)
  • 3 mg of lemon balm herb (Melissae herba)
  • 100 mg of linden flowers (Tiliae flores)
  • 7 mg of origanum herb (Origani herba)

Other substances

The extractive agent only

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