01.History of development

Since March 1, 1925, the main building was occupied by the Volyn District Pharmacy Administration. In the territorial division of the Volyn province into districts from the former Volgubmedtorg, which served the province, all pharmacy enterprises were referred to the Volyn region.

The district pharmacy department was engaged in wholesale and retail trade of pharmacological items, items of care for patients and cosmetics. In the subordination of the pharmacy department there were 34 trading establishments (pharmacies and stalls).

Trading activities of Pharmacy management was divided into two types: procurement and supply. The main source of medical supply was Ukrmedtorg - its right-bank Kyiv branch, and the cosmetic branch - Kiev branch of the All-Union TERZHE Trust. The delivery of the goods was carried out to medical institutions, pharmacies and stalls of sanitary hygiene.

At the head of the Pharmacy was the head, who was appointed by the Volyn District Health Inspection.

The number of employees in the Pharmacy department was 17 people.


Zhytomyr Pharmaceutical Factory started its activity as a galeno-packing laboratory at the regional pharmacy department (the status of the Zhytomyr region was given on September 22, 1937). The products that were produced at that time were presented in the form of tinctures, aqueous and alcoholic solutions, ointments and pastes, medical oils and grindings, as well as vegetable medicinal raw materials. The products were produced in small quantities in order to provide pharmacies within the region.


In the early days of the war, Zhytomyr was bombarded by Hitler's aircraft. After the capture of the city, the black days of occupation began. During the period of the temporary occupation of Zhytomyr, the fascists destroyed almost all industrial enterprises, destroyed cultural and domestic facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, hundreds of residential buildings, monuments.


Resumption of pharmacy management and galeno-packing laboratory.


According to the order of the Main Pharmacy Administration in Kiev, the galeno-packing laboratory was renamed into the pharmaceutical factory of the Zhytomyr Regional Pharmacy Department. The number of personnel was about 30 people.


By the decision of the executive committee of the Zhytomyr Regional Council of People's Deputies, the factory withdrew from the direct subordination of the regional production association "Pharmacy" (pharmacy department) and became an independent legal entity.


The factory is in difficult economic conditions. An obligatory condition for the production and sale is the registration of medicinal products in the territory of Ukraine.


The enterprise is headed by the young head Vishnevsky I. The number of employees is 25 people.


The factory is gradually emerging from the "crisis of the 90s". 22 names of medicines are registered. Mechanization and modernization of technological processes are carried out. Created its own physicochemical laboratory, the equipment of which allowed to carry out quality control of the products.


Production and sales of products is increasing tens of times. A decision was made to enter foreign markets. The entire range of products is registered in Belarus and Moldova, registration in Russia has started.


According to the decision of the general meeting of the collective, the enterprise was privatized and became a limited liability company.


The registration of medicines has been expanded in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia.


The Physico-Chemical Laboratory is certified by the State Service of Medicines and Medical Products.

9 names of medicines are registered, among them new for the Ukrainian market - Zhyvokost ointment, Menovazan, Roztyran, Sage tincture, Lugs®.


Formed the external service of medical representatives.

Certification of the company's quality management system was carried out in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001.

Registered 5 names of medicines, among them new for the Ukrainian market - Urohol and Gederin.


In the National Palace "Ukraine" the ceremony of awarding the winners of the 10th Anniversary annual competition of professionals of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine "Panacea-2010" was held. This year, one of the best non-prescription medicaments was Menovazan ointment, which became the leader in the sale of soft medicinal forms.

The management of business processes and logistics chains of the company is automated with the help of modern ERP system IFS Applications..

4 names of medicinal products are registered, among them new for the market of Ukraine - Klimased®.