TM Vishpha®

TM Vishpha® - pharmaceutical products made from organic raw materials.

TM Vishpha® - chooses only high quality raw materials.

History of the Vishpha® produce begins in 2006 when our researchers created first unique compositions and created appropriate methods of production.

The knowledge of herbalism, that has been gathered by our workers over the life-long experiences of previous generations of over 80 years, was a definite advantage in invention of Vishpha® products. With help of this knowledge we managed to create products such as Uroholum, Gederin, Polifitol-1, Memorin, Picosen and others.

Pediatric line TM Vishpha consists of products that target children and are produced on the innovated machinery while strictly maintaining high quality standards.

These products look after the health of each and every child.

Catalogue ZPF

TM ZPF - is a general group of pharmaceutical goods that are available to everyone.

The remedies produced by the Pharmaceutical Factory of Zhitomir (currently TM ZPF) have been around for a long time and are well known on the market. These products include various tinctures and extracts, aqueous and alcoholic solutions, ointments and creams that are essential to everyday life of every family. History of these remedies can be dated back to 1940th. Since then there has been a number of changes in production methods and innovations in technological processes. The goods are produced on the modern and scientific equipment following high standards of quality and production.

The founders of the Pharmaceutical Company put enormous efforts in order to maintain the factory and provide everyone with easy access to these medications, because we view it as our social responsibility towards the society.