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Memory drops

Release form:



40 ml

Age limits:

From 18 years

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Memorin is reliable protection of the brain and blood vessels
01.About the drug


Memory is the only paradise from which we cannot be driven.

(J.Paul; Fr. Richter)

A man of today needs memory and focused attention as never before: there is so much information around and nothing should be missed. However, brain aging process start, when we reach 20 years. People early begin to suffer from certain problems, such as forgetting one thing after another or inability to focus on important things. What will help not only preserve, but even improve mental abilities?

MEMORIN is a herbal medicinal product in the form of drops based on a standardized Ginkgo biloba extract/ It is designed for the treatment and prevention of central and peripheral circulation disorders.

Quantitative and qualitative studies of ginkgo-containing drugs were conducted in the United States in the 90s of the twentieth century.

This was done in order to find the ratio of ginkgo flavone glycosides and terpene lactones giving the maximum therapeutic effect.

It was found that the standardized Ginkgo extract should contain 22-27% of flavone glycosides and 5-7% of terpene lactones. Memorin meets the requirements.


  • improves blood supply to the brain, is a powerful stimulant of memory, logical thinking and concentration
  • delays development of atherosclerotic processes, improves hearing and vision, reduces dizziness and tinnitus
  • is effective for migraine
  • restores limb tissue microcirculation in Raynaud’s disease, obliterating endarteritis and diabetes mellitus
  • is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction
  • alleviates age-related vascular crises in both women and men

See package insert for more details.


The drug is taken:

  • treatment and prevention of cognitive impairments, excluding in patients with confirmed dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • cognitive impairments of iatrogenic origin or those resulting from complications of depression
  • vascular and metabolic disorders
  • treatment of vertigo (dizziness) of vestibular origin
  • symptomatic treatment of tinnitus

Used in patients older than 18 years


Active substances

Dry extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves;

1 ml of oral drops contains :

  • 40 mg of dry extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves (Ginkgonis folіa) (1:50) (extractive agent – 80% ethanol), standardized to 24% ginkgo flavonoids and 6% terpene lactones

Other substances

70% ethanol

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