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Menovasan Salicilat

Menovasan Salicilat

Cream to relieve rheumatic pain, muscle pain that appeared after or during work or exercise.

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40 г.

Age limits:

From 18 years

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Without recipe

01.About the drug

Menovasan Salicilat

  • Reduction of joint and muscle pain.
  • Improving blood flow.
  • Reduction of the inflammatory process.
  • Elimination of muscle stiffness.
  • Improving tissue elasticity.

The drug is taken:

Cream for the relief of rheumatic pains, muscle pains that appear after or during work or physical exertion.

First aid for pain in muscles and joints

With a warming effect

Racemic camphor, White soft paraffin – provide pleasant “warming” warmth.

Methyl salicylate, Cetostearyl alcohol, macrogol 1000 – stimulate blood circulation in damaged tissues, relieve muscle spasms.

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