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Original combination laxative

Release form:



15 ml, 25 ml

Age limits:

Adults and children over 12 years old

Vacation сategory:

Without recipe

Pikosen is a comfortable solution to an uncomfortable problem!
01.About the drug


Pikosen is a unique combined laxative based on the extract of cassia (senna) and sodium picosulfate.

Sodium picosulfate affects the mucous membrane after bacterial cleavage in the colon, improving peristalsis and contributing to retention of water and electrolytes in the colon lumen.

In turn, cassia antraglycosides inhibit fluid absorption and stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

A successful combination of the active components of Pikosen normalizes a bowel function in case of constipation and in cases requiring stimulation of a bowel movement in adults and children older than 12 years.

Drug form is drops for oral administration. This allows for flexible dosing.

Even a minimum dose of 10 drops before bed will give the expected result (bowel movement) next morning.

Pikosen is a comfortable solution to an uncomfortable problem!

See package insert for more details.


The drug is taken:

  • Constipation or cases requiring stimulation of a bowel movement
  • Stomach heaviness, a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, tympanitis, stomach rumble and loss of appetite are the symptoms accompanying an uncomfortable problem that is not supposed to be discussed. However, this is not a reason to avoid its solution. We are talking about constipation, one of the most common digestive system disorders observed in almost 2% of the world’s population (O.Y. Babak, 2005).

Active substances

1 ml of the drug contains:

  • 7.5 mg of sodium picosulfate
  • 10 mg of cassia leaf dry extract

Other substances

  • sorbitol (E 420)
  • sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 219)
  • flavor “Alpine herbs A:221.089”
  • purified water

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